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Solar thermal systems

raising efficiency

in biomass heating plants

Producing warm water with the power of the sun

Solar thermal energy,an important step on the way to a more holistic approach to increase efficiency

Thermal solar facilities produce warm water using the power of the sun.

In family homes and apartment complexes this form of energy can be used for water for domestic use and heating purposes.

In projects on a bigger scale solar thermal energy can be part of a profitable solution to raise efficiency of the facility, especially during the summer months.

In this case it proves a well-engineered and sustainable addition to the heating plant.

The planning and engineering of biomass heating plants in combination with thermal solar panels has been a priority since we started our company, because this approach has a variety of advantages:

- Because of the reduced need for biomass,
running costs during the summer months decrease considerably

- Grid losses can be covered by solar energy.

- Annual efficiency of the heating plant increases
as far less biomass is needed for smooth operation.

We would love to plan your solar thermal plant, at the highest technical level and contribute to save the environment.

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