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People are becoming more and more aware that it is important to invest in sustainable projects in their own regions. Projects that are at their door step, that they can see and that have a direct impact.

Photovoltaic and beyond

Another focus of our company is engineering, project management and building site management of photovoltaic facilities.

With years of experience in the field we can handle photovoltaic projects of any size. 

Moreover we see ourselves as initiators and companions of our clients in informing and educating people on the benefits of photovoltaic projects with civic participation.

Speak to us about the possibility of doing something in your region! We are looking forward to your e-mail!

Facility built with civic participation

Elecitricity harvest from the sun

The sun is shining on the photovoltaic modules on building roofs, undeveloped areas and greenhouses.
 The photovoltaic panels on greenhouses in the slideshow above are part of our award winning project SEBA (SonnenEnergieBürgerInnenAnlage) in Mureck, Styria. As you can see in the pictures the greenhouses provide space to grow organic herbs and tomatoes, while we harvest solar energy from their roofs.

Solar electricity from greenhouse roofs, belonging to the people who live in this region, in harmony with the cultivation of organic vegetables and herbs. This is circular flow economy at its highest level!

Solar energy from the region means ecologically sound electricity for the region, belonging to the people in the region!
See for yourself and check out the quality and variety of our photovoltaic projects!

We offer to plan your photovoltaic facility and help you with all matters concerning grant applications, making use of our years of experience in the field.

We are looking forward to hearing form you!