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Mobility through sun

With a variety of projects in the field of renewable energies, the Mureck region has been a model region for 20 years nationally and internationally.

Under the slogan "mobility through sun" the most recent project in the Mureck region is a large citizen-run photovoltaic unit, another forward thinking step to 100 % homegrown power supply. The communities involved in this pioneering energy project are Ratschendorf , Mureck , Deutsch Goritz , Gosdorf , Murfeld , Weinburg a. Saßbach and Eichfeld.

The innovative character of the project lies in the participation of citizens in a common photovoltaic ground-mounted large-scale plant .
The concept that citizens should be allowed to harvest their own power supply, has led to increased awareness about energy saving and broader knowledge on conscious use of electrical energy and its efficient use . With the involvement of the local energy supply company (EVU Mureck) a fruitful regional economic cycle has been created.

Electricity from solar panels on greenhouse roofs

The large scale photovoltaic plant was developed, engineered and constructed by Büro für Erneuerbare Energie Riebenbauer GmbH in cooperation with the team of economic adviser Karl Trotter.
 In 2010/2011 a "photovoltaic field" covering an area of 4.2 hectares with a total capacity of 2.000kWp (currently 2.2 hectares with a capacity of 1.100kWp in operation) was built. Up to 1000 citizens had the opportunity to buy shares of 2- 10kWp and to have the electricity generated by their share of the plant deducted from their bill. The plant feeds electricity directly into the grid of the utility company Mureck.
The project is accompanied by the expansion of infrastructure for e-mobility, to provide citizens and visitors of the region with the possibility to use environmentally friendly modes of transport.
Energy production from renewable resources needs long-term, holistic thinking and a lot of experience. The region Mureck and the Büro für erneuerbare Energie Ing. Riebenbauer GmbH offer both and are so successful together "on the road with the sun".
Project leaders:
Ing Ferdinand Köberl, Ing Leo Riebenbauer