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STIPITS Entsorgung GmbH – efficiency and mobility!

Since 2002 our engineers accompanied the Burgenland based waste management company Stipits Entsorgung GmbH in the planning of their energy supply and all energy efficiency measures. The first step towards energy self-sufficiency of the company was set with the establishment of a biogas plant planned by us.

In this project electricity and heat is generated. The green electricity is fed into the public grid and the heat generated is used for sanitation of biogenic waste and to supply the biogas plant itself. With this project, oil powered central heating systems on the company's premises were shut down and converted to renewable energy .


Together with the people responsible at Stipits GmbH we developed the following measures to deal with the ever increasing organic waste and utilize it to increase efficiency and output of the plant.

To be able to cover the increasing need for heat, a new wood chip boiler was installed. This biomass plant in combination with the waste heat from the biogas plant, provides heat for a drying container for wood chips and residual materials.

We also planned and built a biogas processing plant. At the same time fuel stations for the company's own trucks and cars were installed, that run on biogas. A mobile fuel station for biogas was also installed, so the trucks could be refilled on external areas as well as at the company's own premises.
The fleet of company trucks was adapted so they could run on biogas as well as Diesel, to allow smooth operations.

With this "homegrown" fuel supply and all other efficiency increasing measures that were taken, Stipits Entsorgung GmbH became an energy autonomous enterprise.
We are very happy to have been part of the solution for the them!

Stipits Entsorgung GmbH – Biomass plant