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NW Mürzzuschlag_Ökoenergiezentrale Hackgutlager

Modern ecological energy system

Since the old local heating plant from the 1980s was not supplying sufficient energy and the technical equipment was outdated, the public utility company of Mürzzuschlag decided to build a new biomass heating plant in 2009, in Mürz.
The biomass heating plant has a boiler output of 2MW and is fitted with the most up to date emission control system. The emission control system makes the plant very environmentally friendly, as the output of CO2 emissions falls far below the exhaust limits.

The heating wood chips necessary to heat the plant come from local forest owners and the city forest of the municipality of Mürzzuschlag. In addition to the heat generated from biomass, an integrated photovoltaic system with an output of 8 kW (annual performance of 6.000kWh) supplies solar electricity. As an e5 - member community, the city Mürzzuschlag strives to reach a 100% renewable energy supply from their own region, as quickly as possible.