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Gyömrö - Wärme für Betreutes Wohnen

In November 2011, after only five months of construction, the biomass district heating plant in Gyömrö (near Budapest ) was fully operational. This project provides a modern "Social Center - for Assisted Living " - ( 450 residents and 350 employees ) with heat from biomass .
Two biomass boilers with a total output of 1,500 kW (1,000 kW + 500 kW ) supply the entire facility with heat. In addition, two buffer storage units, each with 17,000 liters increase the efficiency of the system significantly .

This custom-made energy project contributes to a particularly high degree to climate protection and provides a sustainable and future-proof solution for the assisted living home.
We would love to talk to you about the possibilities of renewable energy supply in Hungary. DI Zsolt Garai and his team look forward to your inquiry !