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Bruck a. d. Mur setzt auf Grüne Energie

In a record time of only 6 months a biomass district heating plant was built with a boiler capacity of 8 MW through the city Bruck ad Mur in 2008. In the 1st stage of expansion the project had a route network of 11 km.
Public buildings, schools like HLFS Bruck / Mur (College of Forestry ) and the center of town were first supplied with district heating from biomass. At present the pipe length of the heating network has grown to more than 20 km.

In 2014 also the Landeskrankenhaus Bruck a. d. Mur has been connected to the district heating system.

A significant increase of efficiency was reached by the project in Bruck in 2012, by feeding the extracted industrial waste heat from the innovative paper company Norske Skog's plant into the district heating network.

Thus, 6 MW industrial waste heat are used in an environmentally friendly way and nothings goes to waste.

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